✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨
Diana Bandoh

✨Self ✨Care ✨Starter ✨Kit Trio (Set of 3 - $210 value!)✨

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Want to get more than one starter kit? 

Treat yourself and save by getting three for $120.00!

Here is what you will find inside each of your three (3) kits: 

Wonder Woman's Detoxifying Bath Salt Blend (1)

An 8 ounce container with a custom blend of Diana's favorite essential oils for relaxation, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink sea salt, and activated charcoal.  This blend is designed to help deep clean your skin while relaxing your body and promoting an overall sense of tranquility. 

A detoxifying soak is the perfect first step in an evening relaxation ritual that helps the body transition from being awake, to peacefully resting. 

Leather-bound Pocket Journal (1)

An elegant 100 page leather bound journal (in one of 12 colors selected for you by Wonder Woman based on availability) with the following message written in beautiful gold scroll writing on the cover:

"May you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make."

This journal will easily fit in your purse, work bag, or back pocket, so you can keep it with you throughout the day, but is intended to be used as part of a morning journaling practice.

Metal Ball-point Pen (1)

A sleek pen (selected for you by Wonder Woman based on availability) accompanies the leather-bound journal, ensuring you can capture your thoughts with style. The smooth writing experience enhances the joy of journaling and makes it easy to express yourself with every stroke.

Two (2) Collagen Essence Sheet Masks

Treat yourself to a mini-spa moment with these deeply hydrating masks designed to be applied to clean skin. Wear in the evening during your detox bath or in the morning while journaling or getting ready for the day. 

Hydrating Lip Balm (1)

A natural and hydrating balm (free of petroleum, chemicals, vaseline, or paragons) that you can apply as a final step in your evening skincare and part of your ritual that signals to your body that it is time for sleep. Apply every night and wake up with naturally more hydrated lips!

Two (2) Affirmation Cards

Lift your spirits and cultivate a positive mindset with two beautifully designed affirmation cards. These cards feature uplifting messages to encourage self-love, gratitude, and mindfulness. Display them in your space or carry them with you for a daily dose of inspiration!

✨✨✨✨PLUS:  ✨✨✨✨

THREE (3) codes for complimentary access to Wonder Woman's 100 Digital Affirmation Cards for Wealth and Femininity!

THREE custom codes for 20% your choice of course or self help tool at glowupguru.thinkific.com!  

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