Wholesale Inquiries:

Send an e-mail to with "WHOLESALE INQUIRY" in the subject line to receive a copy of our current wholesale line sheet. 


Inquiries Regarding Status of Orders:
Reply to the confirmation email for your order to receive answer to specific questions about delays.
Orders have been shipped with FedEx, USPS, and UPS throughout the years based on who provided the most competitive rates for the best service.  Being notified of any issues with delivery of your order is helpful for making decisions about whether or not to continue using the services of a particular carrier, so please know that your comments about delivery of your order are always very welcomed and valued!


Bridal, Custom Order, and Fine Jewelry Inquiries:
Send an e-mail to with either "Bandoh Bride" "Custom Order" or "Fine Jewelry Inquiry" in the subject line to ensure the most prompt response.
*FINE JEWELRY CUSTOMERS: Items on this site are made to order and pricing is impacted by fluctuations in cost of raw materials as well as any necessity for expedited completion of any one piece.
Standard craftsman time is 5 business days. Expedited craftsman time is 3 business days.  Additional fees apply for expedited work during certain time periods.