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I started this jewelry line in 2018 during a trip to Bali. I have always love jewelry, but there was just something about the pearls there that had me at hello!
In the years since then I have learned that it gets boring to wear pearls every day, so I have started mixing in some pieces that have no pearls at all, as well as some that are all pearl. 
One of the things I am most proud of is always having something to give whenever an amazing cause is raising money so PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me for donations if a group you belong to or just know of has an upcoming fundraiser.  I would be thrilled to send a piece of jewelry or gift card depending on whatever is practical.  Send a request to to set everything up!
Another thing I have loved is getting to be part of so many people's stories throughout the years.  One of my earliest customers noticed that she always got more positive attention for her appearance whenever she wore my jewelry.  I always told her the truth - it wasn't the jewelry.  It was the fact that SHE walked around with more joyful confidence whenever she wore one of my pieces.  That's why people always complimented her and not the jewelry.
I believe that a woman who loves how she looks will always walk into a room with  a smile and her head held high. Jewelry might be small, but there is just something about it that unlocks a woman's glow.  I love being a part of that!
Anyway, now you know a little about me.  Feel free to find me on social media and let me know a little about you.  Diana Bandoh Jewelry is on instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest. 
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