Something new in 2022!

I am so beyond thrilled to announce that the newest Diana Bandoh Jewelry collection is coming soon and it's going to be AMAZING! There will of course be lots of beautiful pearls, but I decided to add just a touch of bling to up the WOW factor. 

Because this launch is happening in August and the idea of a midsummer night's dream was part of my inspiration when thinking about what would be involved. 

I deliberate am making this collection small because I want everyone who gets one of these new pieces before they sell out to feel extra special. 

On a totally different note, this month is also the first time since January that I have been able to open space in my coaching calendar for new life coaching clients. If you or someone you know is thinking about hiring someone to help with achieving their health, wealth, relationship, or career goals - get on my calendar!

Here's the link to book a complimentary mini session:



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